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No.(305-306), 9 Street,
Yangon Industrial Estate,
Mingalardon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
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Junction Centre Mawtin

MDG (Myanmar Distribution Group - Yangon)

Myanmar Distribution Group - Yangon

From this viewing deck, sightseeing through clear vision without feeling hot is arranged by using tempered laminated safety glass. It's in curved bending shape with neat and tidy installation using stainless steel spider fittings. You can feel the magnificent sceneries of Yangon from there.

Seeing this photo, we hope you will be pleased with our breathtaking performance. It is Myanmar Distribution Group Head Office in Yangon. It is one of the most modern commercial buildings in Myanmar. It is attractive to Myanmar and Foreigners. The design was so delicate that FORWARD had to overcome all the difficulties involved in it. The building was designed to get natural sunlight in daytime and could saved electric energy. FORWARD succeeded flawlessly in finishing it in 2010 according to Spine Architect modern design. This represents one of the finest works of our accomplishments. It also represents the modern standard of construction in foreign countries. It is obvious that this kind of performance can't be executed without high skill and matured experience.

Myanmar Distribution Group - Yangon

Myanmar Distribution Group - Yangon